The best karaoke bars in Surakarta, Central Java

Birthday parties, after-work hangs, solitary dark nights of the soul—they all have one thing in common: Karaoke can brighten up every one of these occasions. Lucky for you, Surakarta is an amateur singer's playground with a karaoke bar for everyone—whether you're the type who likes to belt out show tunes in one of the city's cramped, sweaty beer bars or croon the best ’80s songs in a private room full of your 15 closest friends. Check out our list of the best karaoke songs ever, rest those vocal cords, and get ready for your next star turn at one of the best karaoke bars in Surakarta.

Find a karaoke bar in Surakarta:

Insomnia Karaoke, Pub and Bar

Adding to the excitement in the middle of your activity, Insomnia Karaoke comes with the best sound system and the room that we made as comfortable as possible so that it can become Your second home.

Karaoke is near Adi Soemarmo Solo. You can drop in and let go of tired while waiting for your flight schedule. Just 5 minutes from the airport of Adi Soemarmo.

For those of you who want to celebrate important moments or just want to have fun with your close friends or relatives, please join us.

We wait for your arrival and we are sure that you will get the best service and an enjoyable experience.

Nav 2 Karaoke Family and Bar

Nav 2 Karaoke Bar is the perfect and complete karaoke entertainment venue for all your family members, from kids to adults, even seniors. With a pleasant interior atmosphere and equipped with sophisticated sound system and touch screen technology, Nav 2 Karaoke Bar provides tens of thousands of songs according to your choice, starting from Indonesian, western, mandarin, spiritual, japanese and even regional songs. Each room is available can accommodate 4-30 people, is also suitable for use as a place party or other special events.

Solo Movie Karaoke

Solo Movie have a convenient place to hangout together with friends for dinner, watch a movie theater as well as karaoke. Solo Movie it's cheap price but not so cheap. The price is suitable for the student. The food and drinks are tasty menu and definitely not expensive. The services was also good.

Happy Puppy

The services adopt ways from Japan and Korea, namely self-service. The consumer first paying the rent room karaoke. Buying food and drink with your own by coming to the sales table. Likewise played own songs using automatic disc changer machine.

Concept at Happy Puppy is always new over time. Indonesia community are unfamiliar with the concept of self-service and prefer being served. Likewise, computerized entry into all aspects of operations including selection and playing the song.

PION Executive KTV & Bar

Exclusive karaoke place in Solo, where friendly employees & luxury. Nice place, nice service, great private room! Everything is well done!

Inul Vizta Solo Square

Suitable for those who are in Solo and surrounding areas who are looking for a cheap karaoke place. A place that is nice and comfortable and for the price is not a problem.

For the price of a room in the clock HAPPY HOUR, there is a discount 30% until 70% depending on the management policy of the local outlet.

Didi Kempot Family Karaoke

Gravista Family Karaoke

You hobby is singing? Want to fill your spare time with singing? Need a place to enjoy lunch or dinner? Or you want to just have fun with your family, or your friends with singing?

This is where his place. ... Get promos and beautiful souvenirs in Gravista Karaoke and the Griyo Solo Resto. Immediately place your reservation and enjoy your free time with ease.

Bima Karaoke & Lounge

A clubing place in the area Solo Baru, but the quality of the sound system simply good, makes the chest pounding. DJ professional enough.

The drawback is that the room is too small. And the price of the package is quite expensive.

S'Club Karaoke Solo Baru

Warm hospitality service & many interactive packages offer. Prices are comparable to the services.

Rainbow Karaoke Palur

Rainbow Karaoke Palur is one of the many karaoke places around the city of Surakarta which give different sensations and best quality compared to other karaoke places.

Comfortable, fun, and professional but cannot bring drinks from outside, so it's less so. A collection of pop songs are less complete and not all room wear wireless mic, but so far so good

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